Chris Cherry

Chris has been a military historian for over thirty years and a motorcyclist for fifteen. His areas of expertise range from the outbreak of the Great War and the early engagements in Belgium and France, to the Battles on the Somme in 1916 and the fighting in Belgium around the Ypres salient. His other interests include the outbreak of the Second World War, the Battle of Britain and Operation Overlord. As well as his historical background, he is also a teacher and broadcaster, passionate about motorcycling. Battlefields on a Bike specialise in motorcycle-led tours, which tap into Chris’ passions. He is also an Advanced Motorcyclist, an Observer with the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists, a Blood Biker with the Blood Bikes Manchester and a member of the Royal British Legion and the Royal British Legion Rider’s Branch. Chris is also a Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and is currently working towards his badge validation.

“It is an honour and a pleasure to show you the battlefields of Europe, to commemorate the sacrifice and struggle of a generation caught up in the tragedies of the wars of the twentieth centuries”.

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Paul Rogers

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Paul Rogers and the Iron Harvest

Paul is a keen motorcyclist and a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists where, like Chris, he is an Observer with the Manchester 500 group. Additionally he is also a blood biker for Blood Bikes Manchester. His personal interest in this period of history was stimulated by his grandfather who served with a Pals Regiment, The Manchesters, and was lucky to have survived having been wounded on two occasions. Some years ago whilst working in the old USSR he found two books in the hotel, one concerning WW1 and the other covering the Russian Revolution. As you can imagine, three weeks working in Moscow and Leningrad, now St Petersburg, at the Soviet Press Agency during communist times, entertainment was a little lacking. Reading both of these books whetted his appetite for a period of history that has, undoubtedly, shaped the world in which we live.

“To many people, like myself, this period of history is touchable as your relatives, like mine, were more than likely involved in the two World Wars”.

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