Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Battlefields On A Bike – General Terrms And Conditions

Do you offer bespoke tours for motorcycle clubs?

Yes, we are specialists in putting together customised programmes to meet individual needs. For example, we can arrange a three-day trip to the Normandy beaches for a bike club from point to point, managing everything from ferry bookings, hotels and visits to the major attractions, all with a specialist battlefield guide on hand to describe the major events and answer your questions. Trips are normally bed and breakfast.

What are the risks of battlefield trips?

Travelling with us is as safe as you can make a motorcycle trip. We have researched all the sites thoroughly, our guides have visited the sites many times before and we have anticipated as many potential hazards as possible. As long as you have packed correctly, according to our recommended packing list, your motorcycle is maintained correctly, we do not foresee any problems in your tour. There is always help on hand, something that you don’t have travelling by yourself.

I have not been on a Grand Tour before and I am nervous. What advice would you give me?

We want you to be excited and not nervous. A longer tour, away from home, can be daunting, but touring is what a bike is truly for. You wake up in Belgium and go to sleep in France or Germany. How many other forms of convenient transport that you control can offer that? So, we make sure that all the support you might need can be on hand. We can help with running repairs, spares in some locations, weather and riding support. We want you to enjoy your trip, focus on your ride and the scenery and for battlefield tours, the history. So don’t worry, we all have a first time!

What do I have to pay for?

Included in your tour fee are all fares for ferry or tunnel, hotel accommodation and if included, breakfast and evening meals. You will pay for petrol, tolls (such as the French Peage) and incidentals such as drinks with meals and lunch on the tours. There are sometimes admission fees for attractions, these are notified separately in each tour. We expect you would need about 50 euros per day to cover most of these.

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Kevin Gritten said:

    The Western front tour that takes in the Somme & Verdun. Is this suitable for pinion passengers or is it more for solo riders?


    • Trench Publishing said:

      Hi Kevin. The tour is ideal for pillion passengers. We have set it up so that it is great riding with each leg being no more than one hour. If you can ride for an hour at a time at the speed limit – there will be no problems at all. Thanks for the message.


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