Battlefields on a Bike and The Royal British Legion (Remembrance Travel)

Ride back in to the past…Return with memories

Remembrance Travel, the travel arm of The Royal British Legion (RBL), have been running tours since 1927 and is now working in partnership with Battlefields on a Bike on WW1 & WW2 Rides of Remembrance and events to coincide with battlefields anniversaries.

Whether you are an association, a group of friends or a club, we can also create a bespoke, personalised tour, which is unique to your needs, as part of our partnership with the Legion.

Battlefields on a Bike are proud to have been appointed the Motorcycle Tour operator for The Royal British Legion (Remembrance Travel). Our tours will contribute to the ongoing work of the Legion, with donations or branch memberships from every booking made.


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We are delighted to announce that we will now be offering a programme of tours for 2015 in partnership with the Royal British Legion travel arm, Remembrance Travel.

Dates and prices for 2015 can be found HERE

Click the picture to download our brochure below

Battlefields On A Bike RBL Remembrance Travel 2015-1

Remaining Tours for 2015


We will be hosting a range of tours to the continent of Europe and beyond, to take with your own motorcycle, or through our rental agents in England and France. Our tours are designed to allow you the freedom to explore the battlefields with an accredited Historical Guide (Guild of Battlefields Guides) and to take some time on your own to pay respects, commemorate the fallen and to visit the sites of history. We can also accommodate specific cemetery visits within the region, wherever possible.

140522000176Tours include taking you to a range of sites, often not accessible by coach or minibus, the battlefields and locations and providing you with a mix of history and geography to deepen your understanding of the battles and the wars and conflicts that divided the World. We also hope the trips will be informative, commemorative and enjoyable as you ride through hallowed ground and some of the best motorcycling countryside in Europe.

27Aug2014_0387Tailored tours are also possible through our Remembrance Travel programme. Tours are fully guaranteed and we promise you a journey of remembrance you will not forget.

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